Friday, October 14, 2005

Welcome to the Literary Cafe

Welcome to the Literary Cafe, a show about written works of art and the people who write them. The Literary Cafe is aired on the first Monday morning of the month at 9:30, and brings you profiles of authors, writers, poets, and books.

The Literary Cafe celebrates authors, writers, poets, agents and other artists from the Pacific Northwest region and around our world.Tune in to the Literary Cafe to hear interviews of authors and people in the literary world, reviews of books, announcements of contests and writing events, also music to read and to write by.

The Literary Cafe is hosted by Kerri Buckley, and is a production of Coast Community Radio; KMUN in Astoria, at 91.9 FM, KMUN in Wheeler and Manzanita at 88.9 FM, and KTCB in Tillamook at 89.5 FM.

Settle in, grab your latte, chai or tea, and pen. Thanks for hanging out with the Literary Cafe.