Friday, January 27, 2006

The Literary Cafe April 2005 Show

April 2005 Literary Cafe Radio Show
The April 2005 show was dedicated to poetry and the poets who craft them, in honor of National Poetry Month. The featured poet of the show was Ilya Kaminsky, award winning poet and author of the chapbook Musica Humana, and his first full-length book Dancing in Odessa.
Another poet featured on this show was Southern writer, poet and radio professional Wayne Cain. Fellow KMUN programmer David Paul read the following poem written by Wayne Cain. It is a perfect example of alliteration
in poetry:
Larry Talbot's Night on the Town
for Lon Cheney, Jr.
The pull of the moon
explodes inside my head
like a silver beam
madness, madness.
Your screams rolling like sighs
across my pointed ears,
mixing with the howls
my brothers raise
like gypsy bullets
fired into the ivory
heart of darkness.
I smell your blood.
It perfumes the night.
This poem can be read in Southeastern Louisiana State's Outside the Lines, along with a sampling of more excellent works by other Louisiana writers, and an additional poem by Wayne Cain entitled Heather in Flight.
Also featured on this April show was New York attorney and poet Simon Perckik. His essay entitled Magic, Illusion and Other Realities was also read by David Paul. View that essay on his website at
Finally, on this show, one more excellent piece on the craft of writing poetry, and the importance of Chopin's works for all poets especially was a highlight. You can read Al Rocheleau's wonderful essay, Poetry As Music, Music As Poetry here on the website of the Rose and Thorn E-zine.
Many thanks to Wayne Cain, David Paul, Simon Perckik, Al Rocheleau,
and The Rose and Thorn Ezine. Consider checking out the books and
brilliance of Ilya Kaminsk, Musica Humana and Dancing in Odessa.


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